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Inspiration in a Chamber

Some hang deadly on their dreams

The jail gates stand open towards liberty
But no-one there who wants to flee
Some hang deadly on their dreams
Others are holding on to see

No church will rise up from this ground
No flag forth all around
Some shrug their shoulder straps
Others still beat their own fate

Nothing but fate – unfolding fate
Nothing but lies – expectation cries
Nothing but stones – dividing bones
In to ashes nothing but harm

Inspiration in a chamber

Who’s waiting for me does not wait for me
A sunset inside of me
Bowed out beam – rancid thoughts
The tear is constrained - no redemption to see

Inspiration in a chamber

Jan Lucassen


Decampment March











Decampment March
Acryl auf Karton, 100 cm x 35 cm, 2007
400,00 € hinter Glas mit Rahmen