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The teacher said:

"Today we are going to make a picture." "Good!" thought the little boy. And he waited for the teacher To tell what to do. But the teacher didn't say anything. She just walked around the room.

When she came to the little boy
She asked, "Don't you want to make a picture?" "Yes," said the lttle boy. What are we going to make?" "I don't know until you make it," said the teacher. "How shall I make it?" asked the little boy. "Why, anyway you like," said the teacher. "And any color?" asked the little boy. "Any color," said the teacher.

"If everyone made the same picture, And used the same colors,
How would I know who made what,
And which was which?" "I don't know," said the little boy. And he began to make a red flower with a green stem.

Aus: The Little Boy by Helen Buckley


Rote Blumen
Rote Blumen
Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand, 165 x 65 cm, 2009
Sammlung Frank Künneke, Bremen